Posted by: roamingolivia | February 21, 2010

Some pictures

None of these are particularly attractive, but here are my pictures, as requested by my family.

Here’s my bedroom, from the day I moved in:

And here is my living room, before I nested, putting up the going-away cards and Valentines and birthday cards my parents sent, plus adding a table cloth to the table:

And really importantly, here is my massive closet:

My bathroom is nice too, but I’ll have to send that picture later.

Anyway, some shots from my first real wander around, which took me to the Duomo (where else). It was carnivale, which means children dress up like Disney characters and there is confetti and silly string everywhere, and billions of people.

Sorry if the colour/light is off on these, but I didn’t edit them…

Today I went running in the park near my house (I’m also close to the Design Museum – very exciting), and that was lovely. That’s all from me today.



  1. oh, i love it! your flat is charming.

  2. I love the Milan Duomo! Great memories from when I was there on a family trip and a post-college trip. Enjoy Italy!

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