Posted by: roamingolivia | February 22, 2010

The adventure of the address

I am watching something like a version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, but for a good 10 minutes all the questions were about pasta. Literally. As in, there were about 40 questions, and each question only had the options: ravioli, lasagna, tagliatelle and tortellini. It was kind of awesome, in a “I’m living a cliche” way. Then they moved on to other issues that did not involve food, which was good.

Anyway, on to the adventure. I sent out an email to my parents this morning with what I would guess my address is. I wasn’t sure about the apartment number because there is a lot of contradictory evidence on this front. To wit, the facts of this case:

1. On the first day, I got a key to my apartment that says I am living in “App. 4” (apartment 4):

You’ll have to trust me that’s what it says; my camera doesn’t like taking pictures in the evenings.

2. I got to my flat, but the door has no number on it at all, making it both (a) hard to know what door to try my key in (the first day I had to hang something on the door when I went downstairs to ask a question), and (b) impossible to really know my apartment number, particularly because of Facts 3 and 4 (below). Here’s my door:

3. Then, this morning, I asked the woman downstairs who has all the info (how I can get my refrigerator fixed, where I take my rubbish/trash, whether I can get mail) about this issue. She showed me a post box and said I could use that, but then gave me a key that says “2” on it.

4. So I thought my address was Apt. 2. Wrong. Then this evening I asked about this discrepency (I had to come back to maybe meet the fridge guy), and she said, no, I’m in App. 14, as you can see from an incongruous empty post box that Key #2 works for:

You can’t really see this, but some fo those plaques have numbers, and some have names. The numbers are just like 8 and 11-14 or something. Here’s mine:

It was kind of complicated, and I had to send an embarrassed email this evening to my parents.

(This is all just a really elaborate ploy to get mail, by the way.)

Okay, more pictures of my flat/nesting, and then some pictures from a wander near the canals on Sunday:



  1. yr flat looks lovely, in spite of having a v. confusing numbering system. and i’m so glad you started this blog! huzzah!

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