Posted by: roamingolivia | February 24, 2010

A bit about my day, and more pictures

I think it is funny to discuss workplace rhythms, especially because all of them everywhere I’ve ever worked seem pretty foreign to me. I haven’t really worked much in the US, so that would probably seem foreign to me, too. In the UK, I get in at various times, and sometimes I work at home, so there’s less of a rhythm, but the normal time to go for lunch is 1 p.m., and people are generally in the office from 9ish to 5 or 6ish, or later. Unless I’m meeting friends, I am probably eating at my desk – soup and vegetables or something similar.

Here, I get in about 8:25 or 8:30, and then immediately go for espresso with someone in my little office room, or the neighboring rooms. That takes you to about 9ish. Then about 12:30 we have lunch (to beat the lunch crowds), when I usually have pasta and cheese or something delicious and fatty. Today I ate Cuban food. I have wanted to sleep ever since then – like 3 hours. This is my basic biological reaction to lunch, actually, particularly when rice or pasta is involved.

There are other invitations to coffee throughout the day, and it is best to pass up at least one of these, otherwise I might never sleep. It is a fun day, but probably I should eat more salads.

Here are some pictures from my Kazakh friend/coworker, whom we’ll call Johnny. He got a fancy camera, so the first set of pictures are from when we went out on Friday night and killed time until the four-hour transport strike was over…

… and now some pictures from Carnivale, which I also went to but didn’t see them because I didn’t have their phone numbers because of administrative oversight on my part. But his pictures (particularly of children) are especially good, so I thought I’d share them, for your amusement:



  1. italian children in costumes! i love this new blog!

    what are you doing in italy?

  2. Looks like fasnacht in Switzerland but the kids look less evil

    All sounds fun, but now you’ve got to get up at a proper time…

  3. You’re pre-modding comments! Don’t you trust the great unwashed!?

    • I don’t really understand the settings on this thing. Don’t blame me 🙂

  4. yay! little kids in costume! and talk of tasty business! olivia, you know how to write my favorite kind of blog posts.

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