Posted by: roamingolivia | March 9, 2010

Como, Part II (the lake)

So, the second part of this is the lake, but it is also a tasty, tasty lunch, as well as dessert. That should make at least one of my readers (who shall go unnamed for now) happy.

So, we started walking around the side of the lake, towards the restaurant because we hadn’t eaten in a couple hours. There were a lot of things to take pictures, like just boats,

a lamp,

and some old men.

And then, before we knew it (okay it was like 5 minutes), there we were, ready for tasty food at La Darsena:

Given what Como is (a lakeside tourist/resort town), a lot of the restaurants were pretty touristy, but this one seemed less so. Leila and Georgi had been there before, so I trusted their recommendations and suggestions. We ordered bread, water and wine,

a cheese plate,

and mains. I went with Georgi’s recommendation, which was seafood spaghetti, and delicious (he got it as well):

Leila got seafood risotto, which was pretty much the same thing with rice. The picture of her with her food, and of me with my food, were both a little weird. Lunch was delicious, and we were really relaxed and full when we went on the boat (which is maybe not the best condition for a boat trip, but it was fine).

The day, and the lake, and the boat trip were all ridiculously pretty, so I will just post some pretty pictures, but I have about 20 more:

In this town/village, which was called Torno, I took a video of the boarding process, which was speedy but nice:

boarding the boat in torno from Olivia Jean on Vimeo.

And I took a video of these girls, briefly, before the one in the back noticed me and stared:

kids on the boat from Olivia Jean on Vimeo.

Then I decided, finally that it was too cold even for pictures (since the boat was now going to the same stops as before, retracing its metaphorical steps), and went downstairs to the warm lower flow, to which Leila and Georgi had already fled:

By the time we got back, we had just enough time for another coffee and dessert …

and for me to notice how hilarious the menu’s pictures were:

Then we were on the train back to Milano. End of adventure, for now.

Next weekend: Venice.



  1. mmm … that dessert looks delicious. oh, and the lake is lovely, too! glad you’re taking pictures again.

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