Posted by: roamingolivia | March 10, 2010

Observations: Scanner and English Mother Tongue


There’s some classy stuff on MTV Italy, like the advert for this Nude Scanner app you can put on your phone. The best thing is this description, perhaps, online: “See through clothes! Check out your friends – naked! Nude Scanner reveals all! Simply hit the scan button and pass your mobile over somebody – the results will show up in seconds! Embarrass your friends! No one can hide!”

I had pretty much picked up a similar vein of advertising appeal in the Italian commericals.


Walking back from running in the park last night, I passed a school whose signs advertise it as the English Mother Tongue Nursery. Hm, just found it online. It has English Mother Tongue teachers, even.

I get that it is a direct translation of a potentially viable Italian phrase, but calling something an English Mother Tongue Nursery is not something that a, um, native English speaker (an English Mother Tongue writer, if you will) would say.

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