Posted by: roamingolivia | March 15, 2010

Happy birthday from Italian customs

I will post about Venice later this week, but over the weekend I got an email from Poste Italiane, which said that I needed to fill out a form about something I was attempting to import, in order to get a package. This is my birthday present from my parents, and not some fancy electronics, and if I don’t fill it out in 7 days, it gets returned. It requires things like a fiscal code and a list of all the items and their values.

So much for birthday surprises. At least I got one surprise: the New Yorker was waiting for me in my mailbox when I got back to my flat. I am so excited; the New Yorker is perfect for places with a bit too much time.



  1. did you ever get your package?

  2. […] my birthday in March with a couple new friends, eating at a mozerella bar and watching football. Italian customs took my birthday gift for about a month, but I ended up getting my family’s presents. I had really bad allergies all spring, and ate […]

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