Posted by: roamingolivia | March 17, 2010

Real conversations

I need to get a plane ticket, but getting someone to order it is a bit of a task. I.e., I have to convince someone to actually do it, even though it is in their interest to do it sooner, rather than later, because it will cost more the more they delay.

Today I asked a coworker with more, shall we say, political power than I have what I should do to get this ticket (for next week!).

“You’ve heard of stalking, right?” he said. Then he explained that a couple hundred years ago, if someone owed someone else debts, the latter would hire people in all black gowns and hoods to stand in front of their house and embarrass them until they paid. He recommended I get a black gown.


  1. ha, that’s awesome. you should definitely get a black gown and maybe post a few signs.

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