Posted by: roamingolivia | March 18, 2010

Chocolat (gelato!)

I have all these lovely (but slightly cliched) photos from Venice, but I have to post them maybe tomorrow night. Right now I have a guest in town, my friend Chrys, who is from Cyprus but whom I met on this slightly crazy trip to Israel/Palestine 1.5 years ago. It’s been fun having him around – he’s my first guest (but I’m open to more – hint hint), and I didn’t know him really well, so it’s been good to both get to know him and also have an excuse to try more tasty things. We had pasta one night, and then sandwiches while watching a distinctly better Inter-Chelsea football game (if you like Inter). Tonight we had two aperitivos – one disgusting and one really really tasty (I hereby endorse Exploit as a bar).

But probably the most important thing we did was on the first night, where we finally ventured into the tasty den of heavenly pleasure that is Chocolat, the gelato place near my house. This place is DELICIOUS, and this is coming from someone who fairly regularly claims not to like ice cream (I will have some problems claiming this in the future, after this post). Look at this:

This picture doesn’t show the one I had, which was more or less vanilla with nutella. I recommend this flavour. That’s also only 1/3 of the types of ice cream they have (I would direct you to the above-linked website for more on this).

So I had nutello-ish, and I don’t remember what kind Chrys had, but he liked his as much as I did, I guess, because he went back the next afternoon, after a long day shopping in the FoxTown designer outlet place (I’m sure I’ll go there sometime and post about that later). Then we had football and beer and sandwiches, and then obviously were unable to control ourselves: the route to my house from the Metro station passes this. Every single day. So we went back.

I got cinnamon:

And Chrys got cookies-n-cream and pistachio (weird but good combination, he claims):

But anyway it is a nice place

(yes, that’s chocolate in a huge vase), and we’ve made friends with the guys who work there.

You will like it.


  1. What is it about Americans and their obsession with Cinnamon!?

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