Posted by: roamingolivia | March 22, 2010

Venice elections posters: Let’s vote! (with a poll)

This one makes me laugh literally every time I see it:

You’ll probably want to click on that to absorb the full wonder. This is a man in a cape, holding a copy of Homer’s The Iliad, with a pretty substantial beard. Probably you’ll want to click on that picture again. Several times today. Whenever you want to be amused. I find it hard to imagine such a man could run for office really anywhere else.

I like elections posters anyway – hey, I like elections in general. So I always look at them, particularly because they’re also all over the park where I run. I haven’t taken many pictures, though, mostly because I haven’t been in “tourist” mode when around them (and often I am, um, running, so that complicated the photo-taking process as well, especially without a camera).

Anyway, look again at the photo above.

Then tell me if these two photos are not the two faces of Italy, in a totally cliched form (but pretty much everything I read about Italy is cliched so maybe am starting to write like that):

Anyway, more elections news at the end of the month; they hold regional elections on the 28th. Maybe I’ll try to learn more about Italian politics or, indeed, attempt to read a newspaper here.

In the mean time, let’s have a little election on my blog because I have discovered polls and I LOVE THEM.



  1. Nerdy man looks like a cleaned up neo-Mussolini…Beppe: kiddy-fiddler. Cape-man all the way!

  2. Probably Grillo, just, on the basis that one’s a nationalist and the other has the word ‘Berlusconi’ on his poster as a selling point. Grillo’s a tiresome berk, though. Eighth-grade anti-politics sniping dressed up as satire in an attempt to portray all politicians as venal, corrupt criminals. They are, of course, but then so is he, and so (by anglophone standards) are most Italians.

    Given that he’s been banned from TV for about 20 years (for being nasty about politicians), it’s the best publicity he can get.

    While I’m here, and talking about books, you should read The Miracle of Castel Di Sangro. It’s a good American In Italy thing. And you don’t even have to know much about soccer (though you should know that the author made a lot of it up).

  3. what’s paul mckenna doing taking over italy?! olivia watch the glasses man because he will also use hypnosis:

  4. how I wish I could laugh about all this with you….Rome has even funnier ones….and also really sad ones….it’s such an aweful moment for our politics….! p.s can’t believe though that Beppe Grillo is getting your votes too! he used to be a stand-up comedian

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