Posted by: roamingolivia | March 23, 2010

Short Venice post II: old buildings

When wandering around, we made a lot of semi-joking comments on people who are obsessed with saving and restoring Venice (most of whom are based out of New York and the UK – see, e.g., the Save Venice Foundation). This was not because we don’t want Venice to be restored and saved (I’m sure they do very valuable work, etc.), but just because we enjoy cynicism. Also, given our experience in other parts of the world, one can state with some likelihood that “local” people may be less amused with some of the New Yorkers’ projects, although maybe there are not conflicts. Although obviously there’s no proof of this on a cursory Google search.

Anyway, here are some old buildings that are picturesque but could probably use some work before they are past saving. But I like them.


  1. There was a good National Geographic article called ‘Vanishing Venice’ last year (update: found it! Its a rather sad story about the difficulty of living everyday life while your town is choked with tourists, and the growing difficulty of being normal inhabitant of a city becoming more and more a disney-fied museum. I guess its the old gentrification story you see in a lot of places, but in a completely unique and historic setting.

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