Posted by: roamingolivia | April 5, 2010

Trip summary: London

I didn’t really blog from London, although I had good food and conversations, because there were some down sides (i.e., Alitalia lost my luggage with two suits and all my makeup and shoes – see my last post). But here are some stats on the trip:

Meals eaten:

  • Jai Krishna vegetarian Indian (Finsbury Park)
  • Market Pantry (in Clerkenwell) for brunch
  • delicious delicious delicious Silk Road (Xinjiang/western Chinese restaurant in Camberwell – cannot recommend this enough – seriously: go there if you can)
  • Patogh (Iranian on Edgware Road)
  • Wagamama (chili chicken ramen, obviously)
  • Sekara (Sri Lankan near Victoria)
  • Leon on the Strand
  • Eat near the Strand
  • Cafe Neo (lunch place run by Greeks near the Strand)
  • Eastern Spice (delicious Hebden Bridge Indian)
  • El Gato Negro (delicious Spanish Tapas place in Sowerby Bridge)
  • Carluccio’s (Italian in Covent Garden)

You’ll notice the one outlier – the Italian – on that list, for good reason. But the up side of the Italian place was having prosecco for lunch. And obviously pasta.

Other up sides:

  • discovering I lost weight despite pasta-only diet
  • seeing friends and catching up
  • remembering how great London is
  • walking in the hills of Yorkshire
  • talking to family for Easter
  • ethnic food, listed above
  • remembering things I decided not to put into my suitcase when I came back to London (including North Face jacket, perfect jeans, Prada perfume, etc. etc.)
  • coming back to a huge stack of books (ordered on Amazon) and publications (London Review of Books AND Times Literary Supplement), now stowed away as treasures of information on literature.

That makes me sound like I was really busy. I guess I was, but in a good way. There were some down sides, namely:

  • It was really really cold (but I heard weather in Milan was bad, too), and sometimes rainy
  • I had a weird ailment, in which both sides of the back of my head hurt (reportedly where there are some lymph nodes) for several days, but I didn’t have time to go to the doctor and it went away.
  • aforementioned luggage debacle, and two other suitcases kinda breaking whilst being used as substitutes

Overall, clearly, the up outweighs the bad. Now I am back in Milan, where it is balmy, and I am still discovering things I didn’t pack, and am happy to still have.


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