Posted by: roamingolivia | April 13, 2010


Saturday was absolutely beautiful this weekend, and I had more or less the perfect day. The salsa discovery (mentioned in my last post) was one of the last things I did that day, but before that, I woke up late, packed a bag and went to the park. (A good bag for the park, in my opinion, includes two New Yorkers and some TLS/LRB issues, in addition to a book I’ve been finishing (The City and the City, China Mieville) and an extra book “just in case”, plus my journal and a pen and water and a blanket to sit on.)

Here’s the result:

(I edited this, so that you can’t read what I was writing.)

It was glorious. Then, I went to the “Goya and the Modern World” exhibition at the Palazzo Reale, which was interesting, if a tiny bit disturbing (his place in the modern world was basically to make everyone paint dark, violent paintings, it turns out).

Then wandering, and beer and staying outside after dark – comfortably – and good salsa. Perfect day.


  1. Yeah! You’re reading the book I recommended! That makes me so happy! I’m so curious to know what you thought of it…

  2. next time, call me and i’ll meet you there! i’ll bring cupcakes!*

    *this is a lie, cos i’m not in italy, unfortunately. the cupcake part is true, though. meaning they are way essential for picnics.

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