Posted by: roamingolivia | April 28, 2010

Milan Design Week

Last week, or something around last week, was the Milan Design Fair, a.k.a. Milan Furniture Fair, a.k.a. Milan Design Week. It is a really fun week, although I was sceptical before I actually saw what it was like (it has the word “furniture” in the title – you can’t blame me). It was great, though. A lot of people go to this thing, and the Metro was swamped all the time. The only day I really had time to go out and see any of it was Saturday, and we didn’t exactly go with any strategic purpose. David went the next day as well, but I was going on a short private jet trip the next day for work, so I was at home working.

Anyway, we dropped into several things at various parts of the city (the main part of the fair was really far out in a big conference centre thing, but there were shows and galleries in lots of other parts of the city). Here’s some things from a museum near my house. I really liked the colours …

… and I really want to put these on my wall:

After this place near my house (which also had an okay exhibit of contemporary-ish art), we wandered down to Via Tortona, one of the peripheral areas of the design situation. It was REALLY CROWDED:

But there was still some pretty pictures to be taken:

(That’s a design virus, by the way. Also I think it is a couch?)

(In that one, there is beer, and a sign warning people not to take them.)

If you like design, you’ll know that this is in no way representative of the coverage of Milan’s Design/Furniture Week. These are just pictures from random things I happened to see that weekend. But they are pretty anyway. And if you like design, you’ll probably be au fait with all of the following links, but you can click here and here and here and here and here and here for fuller coverage. (Or just Google some words like Milan and furniture and salone; it’s what I did.)

But a couple of my favourite things were those that were either random…

… and little flea markets, which made me want to decorate my flat (note: I don’t really have one, just this rented one here) in Italian romance magazine covers:



  1. thank you for taking and sharing all of these pictures! it all looks so charming and gorgeous and colorful and whimsical!!! i want those colored spots on my wall, too. which reminds me, if you don’t read the color me katie blog, you reeeally should.

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