Posted by: roamingolivia | May 19, 2010

The up side of language classes

I always forget how much I like language classes. I don’t really like group lessons – they’re intimidating but generally okay – but I love hiring tutours in languages. The best teachers are young but qualified and intelligent people – like my Arabic teacher in Manchester (who I am still friends with).

Today I met my new Italian teacher (I finally decided it’s ridiculous I don’t know Italian here), and he is great. He was introduced to me by my teacher in London (who was also lovely), and he is a writer and friendly person. We get to learn what I want to learn, and we can talk about my interests. It’s perfect.

How perfect? My first essay assignment is about what literature I like – writers, genre, etc.

THAT perfect.



  1. Debe ser bastante facil porque ya estudiaste el espanol por cinco anos.

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