Posted by: roamingolivia | May 25, 2010

Cinque Terre at long last

I have been meaning to post this since the end of last month, when I first went to Cinque Terre, but I am lazy and my internet connection at home is annoying (it’s currently cutting out every 7 minutes!). Those are honest excuses. Anyway, this part of Italy is amazingly beautiful – five cities on the sea (a rugged part of the Italian Riviera, or so says Wikipedia), so this post is going to be mostly pictures.

One thing that has to be noted was that, for whatever reason, Cinque Terre was entirely overrun by American youths when we went there. It wasn’t a holiday, and it wasn’t spring break, so I have no idea what was going on with that, but it was a strange phenomenon – literally 80% of everyone we saw that weekend was American, and under 26. A good percentage of them were female. They’re probably studying abroad, but they didn’t appear to all know each other, so it is weird they would all have converged on this area in that weekend. I have talked to other people who have visited Cinque Terre, and they said it wasn’t noticeably overrun with Americans, so… I don’t know. One of life’s mysteries.

Anyway, we were staying in La Spezia, and we took the train in the morning to Riomaggiore, and walked the five cities – through Manarola, Corniglia, and Vernazza to Monterosse.

It was a mob scene when we first got off the train in Riomaggiore …

… so we walked really really fast until we got away from all the people. Oh, but here is a girl sitting at a mural. I don’t know why there is no one else in the picture:

I got to snap a few pictures as we hurried along, like this kid posing for pictures …

… and these locks, which reminded me of these locks in Moscow and these in Ukraine.

We got to the first town, Manarola, and then to Corniglia, which was cute …

… especially with these old men (note: I am actually not totally sure which town this is).

And the view of it was really pretty.

Here’s a random tree/shrub thing (I’m not a botanist)…

… and a sign I liked along the way. Not for any particular reason, but just a friendly design.

Then we passed a slum, which I obviously photographed because I like dirty, ugly things…

but this shrine thing was nice as well, on the outskirts of the next town, Corniglia.

There were a lot of cats on this trail, as you’ll see a bit later, but this one was nice for a bit but was mostly looking for food:

Here’s some flowers,

… and me after we stopped for a drink and for some drizzling to end.

We then headed along the next trail to Vernazza, which was pretty,

had a cat,

and was opening up for lunch.

We had an amazing fish pasta lunch here – probably my best meal in this country. (But it’s really hard to take pictures of fish pasta without making it look disgusting. Trust me on this, though.)

At this point, we got to slow down a bit, so I took some pictures as we were leaving town:

I especially liked this sign, which admonishes you to wear only your fancy black and white lace-up shoes, and not your heels.

The view was beautiful,

but after lunch I kind of wanted to join this cat for a nap.

We passed a kind of abandoned winery on the way to Monterosse, with a rustic door (I’m a sucker for these):

And then we walked a long, hot, beautiful time, before arriving in Monterosse, with more rustic doors,

an old man walking,

souvenirs paired with lemons,

cozily cluttered balconies,

an orange boat,

and men of various ages staring at the sea.

I also like the typeface of the ice cream flavours here.

The next day, we were in another town but I don’t know the name of it because it’s been a month, but it was pretty as well, although not so picturesque,

and weirdly enough these are the souvenirs:

And that’s about it… next, if I can get around to it and/or get an internet connection longer than 7 minutes, I’ll put some videos up from the chaos of Saturday night, when a Milan football (soccer) team won the Champions League.




  2. me too! too bad about visiting on American Student Mob Scene Weekend though.

  3. We spent a few days of our honeymoon there… it was lovely but pretty crowded. We actually stayed in an adjacent town (maybe Levanto?) and ate the most amazing anchovies and all sorts of other good stuff from the local markets. Looks like it may have been a bit cold for you to venture to Guvano Beach. Also maybe more appropriate for a honeymoon.

  4. I love that place!!

  5. Me gustan las fotos, pero por que no hay mas de ti o de ti y tu novio??

  6. Excellent pictures! Thanks for posting this.

  7. you realize that every photo you took is, like, a postcard, right? right.


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