Posted by: roamingolivia | May 28, 2010

magical holding video

A few weeks, maybe more, ago, I posted about these people who ride around on bicycles late at night and make a lot of noise, for a few minutes, stopping traffic but not eliciting any honks from the cars. Luckily, it happened again, and this time when I heard the whistles, I was ready with my video camera. Here’s the magical video:

weird bicycle people at night from Olivia Jean on Vimeo.

Weird, but kind of cool, right? I find it somehow very peaceful.

Anyway, I have also 7 videos from the night Milan won the Champions League, and also lots of pictures, but my computer doesn’t want to upload them right now, so you guys lose for now… Maybe I will post it over the weekend.


  1. Is this Milan Critical Mass?

    There’s a global Critical Mass movement to reclaim streets regularly for bicycles, roller-skaters, wheelchairers, other ‘self-propelled people’ – I’m pretty surprised participation wasn’t a requirement for residency in your bit of Yorkshire…?

    The London Mass is awesome

    • I think that must be it, and I really like it – it’s really cool. I tried to google this phenomenon but I only came up with my own video (that’s how skillfully I identified my own tags for it, I guess). Thanks!

  2. Yes, this also happens frequently in Austin –also called Critical Mass. They are heartening.

  3. yeah, but the critical mass in austin isn’t nearly so whimsical or calming as this one. you’re right, it’s super magical. my heart sort of sighed while i was watching it.

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