Posted by: roamingolivia | June 4, 2010

All allergies, all the time

I am going to turn this blog into my personal allergy blog. I mention allergies in all of my essays for Italian (okay I’ve only written one), so might as well do it here too.

But really it is taking over my life. I haven’t taken allergy meds for a day now, and I feel kind of irritated – allergic, ya know – but it might be better than the side effects of my medicine, Reactine (Zyrtec-D). Those include depression, inability to concentrate (it warns you not to drive or do anything that you might need to concentrate on… like, have a job?), etc.

That’s really all I have to say on this topic.

My summer fun is beginning – I have guests (2 awesome friends this weekend and more people later) and fun trips (Greece, France, Rome, etc) lined up for all summer, and it is going to be lovely, and probably whatever I am allergic to will die or stop blooming or pollinating soon, and my life will be good.

Meanwhile, you can look forward to fun blog posts about the process I’ve now activated of trying to get freon (which I just learned is the brand name of chloroflourocarbons – yikes) replaced in the A/C in my flat (apartment). I don’t even like A/C and it is not that hot, but my street is really loud so sleeping with my windows open is annoying.

See? This blog is going to get exciting soon.


  1. I feel for you…I don’t have really serious allergy problems but I will sometimes be randomly set off by something when I go to a new place (for some reason I’ve always had an allergy attak when I go somewhere in France. Maybe allergic to France?)

    Anyway all I know is when I take loratidine (Claritin) medicines its almost worse than drowsy-medicines. I get weirdly wired and feel gross. Maybe Zyrtec is better?

  2. i know it’s really gross but you have GOT to try the neti pot if you haven’t already. IT IS AMAZING. i use it every morning and haven’t had a serious (as in, debilitating, cos hey, it’s austin. i’m always gonna be slightly sniffley) allergy problem or sinus infection in like, a year. i am not even joking.

    yes, it is disgusting, but it only works BECAUSE it’s disgusting. try it try it try it.

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