Posted by: roamingolivia | June 5, 2010

Working in Italy will be great this summer

In addition to all the fun stuff I’m doing outside Italy on vacation this summer, I have been looking forward to the moment that occurred on Friday for a while. Yes, I’m talking about the day that the World Cup match schedule came out, and we start to plan all our parties. I cheekily asked how we can watch the matches that come on at 4 in the afternoon. My boss looked askance at me (I can ask these things because it’s not like I know anything at all about football so he doesn’t have to take it seriously), but I am intrigued. For example, I believe that Italy plays twice in the first round in the 4:30 slot. I don’t think anyone will be doing any work for that hour or two.

Anyway: it is going to be so fun. We secretly (overtly) spent really a lot of time today planning our match-viewing party schedule. Sadly, I’m away for the US-UK game on a Greek island for with two (female) friends but may try to view part of it anyway. If I don’t catch it… well, I can’t say I am the most ardent football fan as it is, so this shouldn’t hurt my reputation.


  1. Sadly, not so much here in Ireland. Although all the France-hating (in advertisements, in graffiti, and in the radio promoting parties to support Mexico, South Africa…anyone who is playing against france) is pretty awesome

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