Posted by: roamingolivia | June 8, 2010

Sleep and air

I am super, super sleepy this week – possibly remaining allergies, although I feel a lot better. Possibly I had too much fun this weekend with two lovely friends who visited. But our weekend included a lot of sleep and a nap (that closely resembled a 1.5-hour coma for me and one of my friends) so I am not sure what is going on with that. Possibly I am just getting really lazy.  Possibly I need to start working out again.

Given these possibilities, the following article comes as bad news for me restoring my motivation, or attempting to re-implement my “sleep less, do more” motto, which governed my life for so many years but appears to need some tweaking:

Then there is also the fact that for a few weeks, I was sleeping with my windows open, but my street is really really loud, so it is possible that I wasn’t getting good sleep for a long time. Last night, I got home to fixed air conditioning (I really need to buy a present for the woman downstairs because she helps me with everything and is lovely and makes things get fixed faster than I thought possible). 24 degrees (76 Fahrenheit) is a really different temperature than 28 degrees (83 Fahrenheit), it turns out.

Tomorrow: Greece. I think that is a good place for sleeping (my new prism for viewing pretty much everything). Also it is a good place to hang out with two MORE good friends. This month is awesome. I am not working on a Friday at all in June.

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