Posted by: roamingolivia | June 15, 2010

Really late: Milan the night Inter won Champions League

Now that I am watching the end of the Italy v Paraguay World Cup match, I am reminded that I am so behind on this blog that I have not only not posted pictures of my trip to Genoa, but I also have not posted pictures from the night Milan won the Champions League. I know a lot of people hate Inter, so just to clarify: before I get a bunch of hate or fan mail, I should mention that I really don’t care much about football. I like it, I think it’s a cool game, I watch games – but mostly I think it is of interest socially. It is a fun reason to go to bars and hang out with friends, although not for me tonight because I have a lot of work.

So, that night I first met some American friends at a dive bar on the canals, and then I met another American friend at a more relaxed bar, where football was less of an attraction than nice wine. But then the game ended and the streets flooded with enthusiastic people. We joined them, walking towards the Duomo, where lots of people had gathered to watch the game (I avoided that but professional pictures are available here).

Here are pictures of the craziness of the aftermath, taken with my phone, so there wasn’t much flash but it turned out okay:

… And now I need to wait until Vimeo uploads my videos, so I will post this way after you all know that Italy tied Paraguay…

Okay, here are some videos. I haven’t listened to any of these in a while, but they’re pretty loud and I may or may not be talking really loudly on my phone to my brother when I am recording, so you might want to watch these on mute.

First, the craziness of the streets and what looks like a fire but turns out to just be flares:

fire near duomo – football fans from Olivia Jean on Vimeo.

The crazy Duomo area – it is pretty wild and shaky so don’t watch if that makes you feel ill…

duomo from Olivia Jean on Vimeo.

The helpless police near the Duomo, although they weren’t so necessary either – I was struck by how non-violent and non-aggressive people were:

police near duomo from Olivia Jean on Vimeo.

How much trash there was in the square:

duomo trash from Olivia Jean on Vimeo.

A lovely kiss from an Inter fan:

a kiss from Olivia Jean on Vimeo.

There are more amateur videos on my Vimeo account.


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