Posted by: roamingolivia | June 22, 2010

Weird problem with my iron

I will post a real blog about something I have done recently, maybe involving pictures and more probably involving a book review, soon. But I thought I would post unnecessarily about a weird issue I am having.

I learned to iron from my mom when I was, oh, about 12 probably. She paid us to iron my dad’s shirts sometimes in the summer, probably before she figured out he could iron his own shirts (a joke – we always secretly knew he could!). I have never burned an iron print into anything, and I have never burned myself or a house or anything else for all those years of ironing.

Until now. In the last, say, four months I have burned myself not once or twice but three times. On my arms. In ways that look like I am self-harming or getting suicidal. The first was near my elbow, so that was not noticeable, but you’d be surprised how many things your elbow touches (I know because it hurt every time it happened). The second was on the inside of my right arm, 3.5 inches below my wrist. It looks a little self-harm-y, especially when I point out I have another on the other arm.

But now: I have a diagonal one about 1.5 to 2 inches below my wrist on the inside of my left arm. This looks really bad. Particularly in short-sleeved shirts and dresses, of the kind you might wear to, say, a wedding in the south of France in, say, late June. Oh wait, that’s what I’m doing this weekend. The good news is that Anthropologie was having a good sale (5 racks of dresses!) and because no one in London knows how awesome it is, they have all the sizes. So I bought this dress for relatively cheap – at least if I have to look like a self-harmer, I can do it in a cute new dress?

But relatedly, how can I stop burning my arms on the iron?


  1. Does Italy — or even England , have that spray on de-wrinkler fabric spray? Or try buying polyester blend stuff it is usually wrinklye fre or no-iron. Why do you suppose i iron so infrequently?????? Think, child think! Problem sove Or maybe go to a doctor about that tremble thing you have???

  2. The above comment by your Mom is awesome.

  3. Very cute dress. Given the topic of the post (at first I thought it was going to be about anemia), it seemed like you were going to buy a dress with long sleeves. But that would be weird. For a summer wedding. In the south of France.

  4. that’s hilarious. i burn myself with the iron (and on the oven) all the time. in fact, a few weeks ago, chris looked at my arms and asked if i’d ironed myself again — that’s how often it happens. so, yeah, i don’t know how to help you stop.

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