Posted by: roamingolivia | July 2, 2010

Something new: a protest

Okay, that title is a joke. We work near the regional or local Government office here, so we get to frequently see protests. They are not very disruptive, but they are a good excuse for getting out of the office and onto the vertigo-inspiring balcony (every time I step out there, I feel weird, and I am not always scared of heights… I think it’s the arrangement of nearby buildings).

Anyway, today, all of the sudden everyone said to go outside and see the protest with the cows. First we saw nothing, but we could hear some chants. Then we saw the following:

protest in milan from Olivia Jean on Vimeo.

I’d like to note that there are no cows, and no one really knows what any protest or strike is ever about. Everyone assumes they’re about money, but there’s not much other consideration. Then again, I work with a certain type and class of people, which I won’t go into on this blog but can in private emails if you want. Let’s just say they’re not really protestors.

Anyway, enjoy the cow protest. And my interview with colleagues about what it is about.


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