Posted by: roamingolivia | July 14, 2010

cheesy Polaroid blog: friends visiting

In June, two of my lovely friends, Jude and Cat, came to visit me in Milan. I decided to focus on taking videos, which I was/am going to compile into an amazing montage that will be hilarious and heart-warming.

However, I am lazy. Luckily my friend Jude also took a camera, but she took an unconventional one as well: the old-school disposable one. This added new mystique to our picture-taking, as we had no idea what the pics looked like. (Jude has described them as the pictures you take first on your digital camera, then you look at them and say “Okay let’s do another one.” Pretty true.)

She gave me a CD of them recently, and when I saw them, I thought of Polaroids. I know the Poladroid program (which changes your photos to polaroid-style photos) is a bit passe at this point, after having a big internet craze a while ago. But I never used it because I didn’t think my pictures were right for it.

These are, you guys. This is what that program was made for. So, without further ado, our weekend in Milan using old-school technology:

Cat got there 1.5 days before Jude did, but Jude had the disposable camera so that first part of the trip will have to go undocumented for now. Jude got in on Saturday morning, and we decided to go for a walk around the canal area, through the street market (not documented here):

You can see the video that I am shooting  in this picture later, in about 3 years when I finish that single montage. Here is glamorous Jude:

Here’s a door, which I think was along the canal so I stuck it here but honestly could have been anywhere (the weird thing about the CD is they are not in chronological order so I had to piece our weekend together):

After lunch (also not documented here), we went back along lovely streets…

to my flat (view from it)…

for a nap. This is the type of guest entertainment that is allowed when you are with your closest friends. It was awesome.

After the nap, we were ready for ice cream, and luckily I live next to Chocolat, which has been extensively blogged about and is delicious:

And then we headed over to the Brera area to have aperitivo (we had a bottle of prosecco I think + food):

Then we went for more aperitivo at the Marc Jacobs bar, which is another good thing to do with good friends, and then we went down to the Moscova area a little bit further away for final refreshments …

(I’m actually not sure when this picture was taken but I think probably at night, using context clues (e.g., it is dark).)

… and then headed home. This is a picture from the Metro:

The next day, armed with cough syrup (Milan was extraordinarily allergy-inspiring at that point, if you remember) …

(that picture is actually from earlier chronologically but I like it here more artistically)

… we headed to the Duomo area, after having brunch at Radetsky (not documented, but tasty).

From there we did what any self-respecting person would do on a Sunday morning in Milan after already having brunch: we had boozy coffee drinks at the rooftop bar of the Rinascente (a posh department store):

Then we went down to the ground floor to buy makeup. This turned into, like, an hour long ordeal because I decided I should buy red lipstick, which is never really just buying red lipstick but a whole discussion on the type of person you want to be, and whether your friends approve of this person.

This was not just red lipstick, but also red liner and also a gloss to make it better. I have worn this once, but I definitely consider this to be a longer-term investment. I don’t feel bad because Cat spent way more on her sunglasses, although admittedly they are arguably necessary in the summer, in a way that red lipstick is not.

Finally, armed with purchases, we left, and my friends headed back:

I miss them.


  1. So fun! I love the polaroid effect! Love ya!

  2. Miss you too! Door was on the road by the canal indeed. That polaroid effect has totally redeemed these pics, well done. And thank you for being a favoloso host!!! Ciao, ciao xx

  3. Kat! and Jude! Looks like so much fun… I am jealous. And I do like the Polaroid affect!

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