Posted by: roamingolivia | July 30, 2010

Greece I: Arrival, lemonade and generally about food

Well, you guys are basically really bad at polls, I guess. But I am happy that one person voted. They get a prize of some sort.

Now we move on to what may be about a week’s worth of posts about Greece. I went to Greece in June to visit my friend Anna’s house and my friend Nili (also visiting Anna) on Syros island, and although it was just two days, I think we ate a few days’ worth of food, and really had an amazing time.

I will start today with the first day, and try really really hard to write posts for the next several days, so that we can then move on to other posts on other places I’ve been, including Verona, Liguria, and who knows what. I’d like to get caught up with this before I go to India, otherwise I will never blog about anything.

Okay. Greece. The first night, I flew into Athens about midnight, and rented a room in a hotel on the port so that I could get some sleep before my boat the next morning. I woke up to this view, which included a huge building-sized portrait of Cristiano Ronaldo:

I don’t really care about him, but it’s a cool landscape (also I think that picture isn’t working but hope I am wrong).

Anyway, then I took a boat, and sat at a table of old Australians, one of whom was trying to pick a mobile phone ring. So he was doing that awesome thing, where he goes through literally every ring on his phone. I wanted to ask him whether this was really the right place for it – hadn’t he come from a silent hotel room, where he could only annoy his wife with this? So why do it now, on a boat filled with 200 or more people? Also why didn’t the wife stop him? But instead I just stared, and continued trying to read my book Life and Fate, about which you will have already read on my blog.

Then I got to Ermoupolis, the port city in Syros, and Nili and Anna meet me. We picked up some fresh vegetables and I ate a huge cheese pastry thing (tiropita), but I don’t have pictures of that. It was pretty delicious, though. Then we went back to the house, where I got to see how beautiful it is. I liked the way it was decorated, like this couch arrangement, which I liked but wasn’t ever sure why I liked it so much:

… and there was this amazing family photo, which Anna says is a collage but she was unable to answer the barrage of methodology questions I asked after she said it was a collage:

Our tour of the house continued into the backyard, which has grapes and figs and lemons, as you would expect from a family home on a Greek island:

We picked a bunch of lemons and decided to make lemonade, using her grandfather’s recipe (I think), which was in the book that is on this table.

In case you’re interested, here’s how the recipe goes, although I don’t remember the sugar-water-lemon ratio so good luck on that. First you have to cut the lemons and put them in a jar or a container where you’ll let them soak:

Then you put a bunch of sugar in a bowl (I think this one looks like what gave baby members of my family baths in in the 1980s… and it was thus referred to as “baby bath” all weekend long):

Then you put some water (warm? cold? I don’t remember) in it, and stir, like Anna is doing in this picture:

Then you pour it over the lemons,

seal it and leave it to sit for a long time (like, 12 hours).

That’ spretty much the last you’ll see of these lemons I think, but maybe not. If so, then you have to pour them out and mash them and strain the resulting mess to produce lemonade, and then you drink it. I forget if I have pictures of these later events or not.

Then, we ate lunch (tasty salad, more cheese pastry, bread, tons of tasty delicious things), and went to the beach.

I never really think about what places I’ll be visiting will be like, and so I am always surprised by them. I think that is good because all weekend long, I could be surprised by the amazing views like this one:

There will be more stunning views in future pictures, of course.

Then we showered and visited her uncle, who gave us like a kilo of almonds from his house because I forgot what Greek culture is like and said the almonds were good (so he had to give them to me … all of them). We also met the animals he has “saved” (read: captured) from the streets – a topic for another post entirely. And then we went to dinner on the edge of the sea.

There was olive oil,

a delicious salad,


some other small fish (anchovies? I’m bad at this),

and baked eggplant with tomatoes and tasty cheese.

And there were three girls with quite full bellies and smiles (sadly Nili had to take this picture – I think Anna has the picture of the three of us – but she’ll appear in tomorrow’s post, which starts with a kitten).


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