Posted by: roamingolivia | August 3, 2010

Greece II: Cats and shabby chic in the old town of Ermoupolis

Okay, as promised, let’s start with the kitten that I saw on the woodpile in Anna’s backyard:

It was so cute. And quite wild, and very afraid of humans. It vanished shortly after this, when I opened the door.

We got up the second day and got ready and ate breakfast (homemade fig jam and fresh cheese on delicious bread, one of the best breakfasts of the year), and went to the old city of Ermoupolis. There isn’t much description necessary, as the pictures speak for themselves, but I’ll make a few notes.

This is what we dubbed the most picturesque motorcycle parking in the world, near the entrance to the old city:

And here is the entrance, which I liked:

After this, we immediately met another kitten (Ermoupolis : cats :: Athens : dogs – how’s that for an SAT allusion):

The old town does amazing shabby chic, with beautifully slightly run-down views and porches and buildings:

And as we climbed up the old town, we saw amazing views:

Then, at the top, we visited a Catholic church (the island has Catholic and Orthodox people), which initially appeared to be locked, so we spent some time complaining about that and taking pictures through the gate…

… before trying another door handle and going in. There was a creepy statue (not that creepy but something seems amiss)

And there were other views and angles that I liked either because they were pretty or because they were strange:

And then we wandered back down another route. I will pick up on this tomorrow, with another, creepier church and a house-museum of a musician, but for now I’ll finish with some more Greek chic, shabby chic and a courtyard.



  1. very cool pics Olivia. the cats are cute and the pics of around the town very picturesque. i always take pics of doors and churches as well but they never seem to come out as good. maybe its cuz im always in such a hurry to get a pic of EVERYTHING!! 🙂 cheers.

  2. Nice pictures, you might want to change that adjective from creepy to disconcerting, or thought provoking or something.

    The first time I visted the site, I couldn’t get your pictures to open, but my computer was acting up so later when it was working better, I tried again — now all is fine. I like the blue door with the flowers above it.

    Wish you were here, but know it isn’t as interesting.

    Love you,

  3. Good grief… I can’t believe how photogenic Greece is.

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