Posted by: roamingolivia | August 5, 2010

Greece III: Church and house-museum

We are almost done with Greece. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised I have even been able to write this many – and am not sure if I will do the last one tomorrow, since I haven’t got the pictures finished for that yet. And then I leave for India, so you might get some new interesting destination blog posts soon.

Anyway, back to Ermoupolis. Our next stop in the old town tour is another creepy church.

My mom didn’t like that word when I used it on the last one, but seriously – what else can you call this?

You might not be able to see that, but that woman is carrying a platter with SOMEONE’S EYES on it. I don’t think I even know a Bible story where that happens? But feel free to correct me.

So we left that church after photographing it heavily (it is pretty inside, plus weird), and we went wandering further, with more cats:

Those cats were a little gross – one had a nose problem – so we can move on to the charming house-museum (in Russian, which is irrelevant, but what I think in that language when I think of house-museums) in honor of Markos Vamvakaris, who is known as the Patriarch of rembetiko, which I think is like the beat generation for Greeks. Also I am recently enamoured of house-museums because of Museum of Innocence, which was alternately charming and lovely, but anyway made romanticise these places.

Anyway, this museum did not disappoint and is very charming, with random things he owned (although he didn’t live in this house):

and cute posters and paintings:

and a lovely view:

And… ack! that’s all I have time for because I have to run. Sorry folks. More tomorrow.


  1. Yes. Creepy. Eyes on a plate??

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