Posted by: roamingolivia | August 6, 2010

My holiday: botched so far

Okay, it’s not that bad – I am still off to India tomorrow morning. But I pretty much have no idea what we’ll do. We wanted to go to Srinagar, but then this happened. Then we were going to go to Ladakh, and this happened. For now for this holiday, it seems the best bet is to not get excited and not announce anything about plans.

Also I didn’t finish my Greece posts. Big surprise. Oh and because you’re all dying to know, right now I have The Glass Palace, Shalimar the Clown, and Delhi: Adventures in a Megacity to take on the trip. But I might go to the shop to exchange The Glass Palace for another book by the same author, after a recommendation from a friend whose reading taste I respect. Also I have 1,000 hours of audiobooks (approximately) and 10 (another exaggeration) New Yorkers so I guess if nothing else, I can at least read…

We shall see.



  1. Happy travels

  2. Right, Daniel and I were talking about this over a Chapultapec breakfast on Saturday morning. I hope that you and David are well and look forward to hearing more.

  3. […] in London and two weeks on a trip to India. At first, the holiday was hilarious because we were supposed to go to Kashmir and there were riots and flooding, but then we went to Delhi and Shimla or Simla (where a monkey […]

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