Posted by: roamingolivia | September 4, 2010

I’ve forgotten

I am at home (whatever that is) for the first time in a month or so, and alone for the first time in probably two months. And I am remembering things I forgot.

I’ve forgotten what a lazy Saturday is. Although I loved my whirlwind summer (friends to insulate against loneliness, travel to remind me of how big the world is), it is lovely. I got up early for unknown reasons (probably jetlag), ran five miles (and I hadn’t run in a month, except a short one upon arrival in Italy two days ago), bought milk, made a huge omelet (I wondered why I don’t know how to spell that – it’s because the US spelling is omelet [a useless spelling because it’s not even phonetic] and the rest of the world goes with omelette), and ate it. I should be working to catch up from travelling this week, but I am sitting in a sunny patch on my floor, on my yoga mat (at least I found a use for it), reading a backlog of New Yorkers, The World that Never Was, and Joan Didion’s Live and Learn.

I’ve forgotten how to blog. I used to write blogs about my thoughts and feelings (intellectually I still think this is a weird place for it – i.e., the public internet, but I also enjoy it). Lately I only blog with pictures, and nothing. So I will try to work on this.

I’ve forgotten about writing too, but I knew that for a while and have been sometimes writing and often thinking about writing or vowing to do it. Luckily reading Joan Didion reminds me about it; check out this quote:

Keepers of private notebooks are a different breed altogether, lonely and resistant rearrangers of things, anxious malcontents, children afflicted apparently at birth with some presentiment of loss. (from “On Keeping a Notebook”)

Um, yes. I used to keep a notebook for exactly those reasons – to collect everything because I was aware I was forgetting everything and losing everything. So much so that when I revisit these notebooks, most of it means nothing. But much of it reminds me of something really important, which is what I used to think about, and who I used to be.

So, I have six weeks more or less of peace in Milan before returning to London. I think I should continue this remembering…


  1. While I would love to read more of your writing on your blog, I don’t think you should discount all that we can already read from a photo. While the language is not text-based, this visual language has so much to say about who you are, what you thinking about/interested in as you travel and explore, and how you see the world. They, too, can remind us of who we were at a given moment. So, keep ’em coming, even if you take time to write more.

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