Posted by: roamingolivia | September 8, 2010

India: Shimla II

So, one of the main things about Shimla, because it was the British summer capital, is that it is also where the partition decision was made in 1947. This makes up a lot of the museum information, but the decision itself was made at the Viceregal Lodge, now the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies.

Here’s the way up to it, which was foggy and rainy and had a couple monkeys and lots of relatively old buildings …

(that’s actually just right outside our hotel)

… and here’s the sign:

Specifically, the partition document was signed in this room …

… but not at that table.

There’s a really short tour, and not much to see besides that. But it was a foggy-misty day, so it made for some good pictures:

I really like that old car. It seems very… Great Gatsby?

Anyway here is a whole family of monkeys. I really liked the monkeys until that one tried to eat my notebook (more on that in a second):

Then we stopped for me to buy sweets, which I am pretty sure I got ripped off on, but were kind of tasty, and not-tasty, depending on which sweet we’re talking about:

I like the cream-colored ones, but they are pretty rich and intense so probably not universally liked. The others were too… syrupy I think?

Anyway, next we just have an amusing sign – the “she” toilet (you might have to click to zoom in)…

And then we went to another museum, which had a lot of folk art from the region, plus this sweet mailbox:

(and here’s the museum)

And THEN (this was a very busy day by the standards of this holiday), we went to the market. I love markets because they are always very photogenic.

Walking home, I decided I would lead us a new way. I am not very navigationally inclined, so David made a mistake in following me, and then the whole monkey-notebook thing happened (see the link for the whole story).

Here’s the monkey with my notebook, taken from a respectably frightened distance:

Next, at some point, I think we will return to Delhi and head on to Rajasthan (in the blog form – I am now in Italy in real, human form).



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