Posted by: roamingolivia | September 10, 2010

Indian ad(vert)s

When you’re sick in India, one of the best things to do is watch TV. One of the reasons for that: the ads or adverts (depending on which of my homes I am claiming) are really good. They show a lot of creativity. It is Friday, and I have less creativity, so I will just post these three and leave you all to comment etc.

In case those don’t show up, as I think they won’t because I don’t have a fancy wordpress thing, here are the links:



  1. Interesting that only one of them takes place in interiors or exteriors that look like anywhere in India. I guess middle-class aspiration still has a weird geography…

  2. This is funny in comparison to the really confused Yahoo commercials –the, everything you love in one place vs. love just one thing. It makes Americans look a little ADD.

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