Posted by: roamingolivia | September 15, 2010

Moving. Again.

I don’t really mind moving, but it makes me incredibly lazy. Right now, I am packing for a move in two hours. Except I am obviously not packing; I am blogging. There are several reasons not to pack, including:

  • fear that my stuff will not fit in the appropriate receptacles
  • aforementioned laziness
  • I believe it takes no time to pack, and generally this has proven to be true
  • I am really bored of packing

I am not really moving far – just to an apartment in a residence hotel (perks: a cleaner 3 times a week!) a bit further from the center, and my colleague is driving me, so this is not a traumatic event (thus inspiring even more laziness).

This is the first of two times I am moving in the next month, and so I am packing appropriately. I have one suitcase of summer things and things I don’t urgently need for my last 3 weeks, which I am hoping to take when I go to the UK for a couple days later this month (as long as I can check in my bag to London while I go to Paris for work for 12 hours). Then I will have another suitcase of everything else. Splitting my stuff into two bags is a fun organisational project, but doesn’t really help with how bored and lazy I have gotten about packing.

Last night, talking to my new London flatmate about our plans for our apartment (our bid appears to have been accepted and going ahead), I noted that I hope to have my parents ship me all the rest of my books from there (dad, if you’re reading this, you’ll be really excited). She asked things like, “But how much are you really going to look at those?” and I said, “Oh, never. But I want to have them all, so that it is really hard for me to move, and then maybe I will stay in one place.”

She noted that I am literally hoping that my books will weigh me down. I argue it’s more or less my only hope for now.



  1. Moving my books is basically the biggest commitment I could ever make to a place. I salute your commitment to London.

  2. Um. Update: I actually have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF, I can now safely say after really moving. Everyone should get to do a practice move. Then they can purge their stuff yet again to make it fit.

    Ask me in 4 weeks if I have actually done that.

  3. I have moved once a year for the past…four years. Yeah. Five moves total. It doesn’t work. You just keep acquiring stuff, and getting rid of it, and then acquiring more…

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