Posted by: roamingolivia | September 29, 2010

India: Jodhpur

I’m kind of back to blogging. I even have a whole weekend in Milan coming up, so maybe I’ll try to schedule more blog posts. Don’t get your hopes up, obviously, but you never know.

So, after Shimla (blogged here and here, in case you missed it), we came back to Delhi for a day or two, and then took an overnight train to Jodhpur in Rajasthan. From here on out, most of what you’ll see are pictures. Rajasthan was quite different from Shimla, geographically (Rajasthan is a desert and really hot) and touristically (full of international tourists, not domestic ones). The fact that it gets more tourists means that it felt less “authentic” (whatever that means), so most of what we did was wander around and sometimes do touristy things.

So, first up is the Jaswant Thada mausoleum, which is basically a tomb, but really really beautiful:

(sorry it's a bit crooked)

Of course, Rajasthan is famous for its forts, so the big attraction in Jodhpur is the imposing Mehrangarh Fort, which stands over the entire town. Two views from afar:

The fort has an important Hindu temple, the Chamunda Devi temple, and there was a holiday coming up, so it was actually also full of Indian tourists, which was good – it shows a kind of continuity in tradition and modern life that will probably help to preserve these sites.

Anyway, here’s a relatively random grouping of pictures from the Fort, which has almost no signage and a really good audio guide (and sometimes I hate audio guides), so definitely get that if you can – it has good information on the royal family now (they’re not that privileged anymore) and little side pieces about traditions, etc.:

(He’s supposed to be demonstrating the hookah and especially the opium smoking, but there wasn’t any opium, sadly – although maybe not so sad for him and his health.)

I loved this part of the audio tour, about these elephant mounts - howdahs - that were really beautiful.

lookout over the "Blue City" - Jodhpur's nickname

In the women's wing - these are cradles for babies, and they're magnificent.

leaving, with all the tourists and visitors

Then, we went to the city centre to have lunch – no pictures, sadly (Indian food doesn’t always photograph well) – and then we went to the market. It was really hot and the market is pretty intense, but we managed to not buy anything but some antique glass balls which will be used as Christmas ornaments (and I am so excited about that).

(not sure I intentionally made this black and white, or if it just turned out like that because of the lighting)

Oh, we also bought books in Jodhpur. I bought Mohandas Gandhi’s autobiography,  The Story of My Experiments with Truth, but I think I bought a pirated copy. How do you pirate a book? I think someone actually just retyped the entire thing, samizdat-style, and made a few spelling and punctuation errors. Otherwise, he just liked those errors and asked that they be kept in. I should have bought the more expensive version.

Another thing about Jodhpur: apprarently it’s where the jodhpur style (for trousers and boots) came from, as it’s somehow related to the British Raj but I didn’t dig into it and Wikipedia is not very specific. According to Google Images, it also seems to refer to a wide range of trousers, or the term is now widely misused in the fashion industry. Go figure.



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