Posted by: roamingolivia | October 9, 2010

Moving update, 1 week away

Ask me again next weekend, when I’m bored of lugging my stuff around, but right now this move is great. Like my life in general in Italy, compared to my life ever before, everything is moving at this kind of amazingly slow pace. So, in the midst of thinking and being afraid of packing, I am reading books (four last week) and watching Mad Men (2 seasons in 2 weeks – have now caught up with the show, if the latest episode will ever load). And that’s in addition to a sharp increase in my workload at the office, and having reasonably fun weekends. There just seems to be extra time.

This morning, my friend arrived to leave some things here. She needs to leave for work permit reasons, but she may well be back, so we offered to store some things here and to post them to her if it doesn’t work out with the permit. She arrived this morning with more things than I actually own in Milan, and this was her overflow. This both made me slightly stressed (when I moved to the hotel, I had a lot of overflow as well) and pretty relieved.

But going with the first feeling, I decided today I should really at least start looking at how much stuff I have. I sat down on my bathroom floor and went through my toiletries, to throw away things I don’t need. I discovered I don’t really have as much as I thought. Great.

I unpacked the suitcase I’d originally intended to take back a few weeks ago, full of summer stuff and books. The suitcase is far too big to have books, so I took those out, and I went through my drawers haphazardly to put more things I probably won’t wear this week in. It was about full. I zipped it and picked it up. Definitely under 23 kg.

Now I am going to sit on the couch, drink green tea, listen to music and go through editions of London Review of Books and Times Literary Supplement, so I can put any really important books on my to-read list.

So far, this move is great. Usually my moves are like this: really really really busy with no sleep for weeks before I move, mad panic to get things in suitcases, and then arriving and realizing half the stuff I brought is useless or old or half-empty toiletries, and I was too busy to figure that out. So the slow pace of my life here is not that bad.

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