Posted by: roamingolivia | October 28, 2010

Watch this: Inside Job (the film)

A friend had an extra ticket for the BFI Film Festival screening of Inside Job, a film that sets out to explain why the recent financial crisis was inevitable. I don’t have tons to tell you, except that it is very good and you should see it. Two years of listening to NPR’s Planet Money and its collaborations with This American Life (which are excellent), plus working with financial services companies and reading the newspapers and blah blah all made it so that I more or less know this story anyway. I more or less know what happened, not least because I also pester friends that work more closely in or with the industry with questions, as I do lots of other people.

I thought the movie was basically fair. It clearly has an agenda, but I don’t even think that agenda is fundamentally unfair. And it does an excellent job of using its own interviews with people who created the system that made the crisis not just possible but inevitable to make its arguments. The most shocking parts come when these people are being interviewed, clearly lying and/or ignorant, and clearly annoyed that they agreed to be interviewed. And this is not a “Bush did this” film, either; politicians on all sides are culpable.

I think right now it’s just playing in New York and LA, but I imagine it will be distribute elsewhere soon, and you should try to watch it. It’s my duty to tell you that. And it is my duty to tell you that if you start typing ‘it is my duty’ into Google (if you have auto-complete), you get really amusing suggestions. There are some normal ones, like it is my duty to save the world, or my duty to God, and then about #6 is it is my duty as a pararescueman.


  1. Bravo.

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