Posted by: roamingolivia | October 30, 2010

The Internet in England

There is honestly something wrong with this country, in terms of internet installation. Ours at home will be installed on… 24 November. After I called yesterday. That’s a month. When they’re marketing, they say 2-2.5 weeks. After they have your credit card number, they hit you with that date. I tried to complain, but there’s basically nothing you can do.

The Sky salesman continues with his legal data. “You will be billed 2 weeks after your installation.” I interrupt him with a snarky, “So… mid-December?” He has the humour to giggle a bit, and say exactly, and then continue.

What’s the longest you ever waited for home internet? Or other basic utilities?


  1. Welcome back to England…remember? Third-world country in disguise?

  2. Nigerians will say, “Na wa for NEPA(PHCN-Power Holding Company of Nigeria);” and in the days you’ll probably wait 6months to get connected to the national telephone domestic trunk.

    No! No! Something has gone wrong with British colonial discipline. Same happened to the Christian Gospel. Now Africans, really Nigerians are the ones taking the gospel back across the Atlantic ocean. CIVILIZATION????

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