Posted by: roamingolivia | November 1, 2010

Housewarming party this weekend

I had a housewarming this weekend, so here are pics from that in a short Monday post. I hope tomorrow to post a guest blog from a friend about the Rally to Restore Sanity, which sounded and looks from pics I’ve seen fun.

Here’s my apartment (living room and kitchen) from before our housewarming, as my flatmate Nili and I were setting up:

And here is the view from one of our windows:

The housewarming was fun, and one of the main activities – after people had arrived and eaten a lot of food etc – was to carve pumpkins. This was extremely fun because it was like being a teacher in a school, not because my friends are like children but because they are mostly not Americans and so hadn’t carved pumpkins before. So we got to tell them how to do it – starting with the gutting of the pumpkin, which involved lots of messiness (read: fun). Here’s a general array of pics from that:

(by the way, I was dressed up as a Texan, which explains the pigtails and Texan gear, fyi)

Sorry to say, but the girls’ pumpkin won, but that’s partially because there was only one boy willing to do the carving on the boys’ team, and the girls were much more cooperative with each other. I worked for both sides, picking seeds out of pumpkin guts.

And here’s a picture of my friend, the other person who dressed up in a (real) costume – my costume was not nearly as real as hers, which was amazing.


  1. Is that a roof top apartment? It seems ” short”.

    Sounds like/ looks like fun. Where did you learn to do that? Hmmmm… I vaguely recall roasting pumpkin seeds. Did you roast yours??

  2. Yeah, it’s a rooftop apartment, but only in the living room (our rooms are half a level below) and it’s not too short, not as much as my apartment in Milan.

    We did roast pumpkin seeds, although we almost burned them. But it was pretty tasty…

  3. […] moved into a cute flat my flatmate found while I was still in Milan (she did a great job). I had a housewarming, and everything got really busy, and a lot of the rest of the year was a bit of a blur of moving […]

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