Posted by: roamingolivia | November 2, 2010

Guest blog: Rally to Restore Sanity (Sue Wang)

This is a guest blog from my online friend Sue Wang, with whom I have lots of mutual friends but I don’t think I know in real life yet. Props to Leslie, whose status message on Facebook led to our match-making.

Oh DC.  Some days my heart brims over with love.  The Rally to Restore Sanity was a good-humored block party for the nation, exactly the sort of event we needed.

Perhaps Metro wanted to help us relive the giddy overcrowding of Inauguration, because they ran their half-assed weekend schedule.  Like Londoners in the Blitz, rally-goers stayed calm and cheerful as already-crammed trains passed us by.  We even had a bit of pre-gaming on the platform.  Yay DC solidarity.

Spoiler alert: I never got a single glimpse of Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert.  The rally crowd was so large that I couldn’t even figure out how to get into the main stage area.  The sound quality was honestly terrible, so I didn’t hear much either.  I could tell when Jon Stewart was speaking, and at one point I am certain that he said “Erase hate!” and a big cheer went up.

I did, however, get interviewed by Comedy Central!  Not one of the famous interviewers, but fun nonetheless.  Yay DC famewhores.

Mostly, my friends and I spent the day promenading and looking at signs.  I deeply regret missing the zombie trio whose signs said BRAINS!, ZOMBIE RIGHTS!, and MMMMMM…  My sign proudly declared THINGS ARE PRETTY OKAY (thanks, xkcd), and lots of people stopped to take photos with me.

Here are some of my favorite photos.  Yay DC librarians and vikings.

My favorite costume of the day was Rorshach. Lots of people said hi to Rorshach.  For bitter expat contrast, I dressed up as Sandman’s sister Death in my first Hong Kong Halloween and not a single person recognized me, after which I gave up on dressing up ever again in Hong Kong.  Yay DC literati.

Then we stopped by the Air & Space Museum for a break.  Fun exhibits!  Did you know that flight attendants had to send in a full-length photo and be “just below Hollywood standard”?

Did you know that it’s really fun to sit on the nation’s front porch and eat astronaut ice cream? Yay DC’s front porch on a beautiful day.

Here’s the view from the steps of the Air & Space Museum, and here’s my friends.

You can see us (and hundreds of fun signs) at HuffPost’s feature.

Then we walked home for snacks.



  1. This is such a great blog.

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