Posted by: roamingolivia | November 3, 2010

Autumn in my neighborhood

I am trying to make the most of the pics I took this weekend, so after the housewarming post I had on Monday, I will follow up with my neighborhood and the loveliness of autumn.

We went shopping for pumpkins for the party, and I took my camera because the trees on my street are beautiful:

Here are shops a few blocks away, on Mill Lane, many of which are quite twee – really high percentage of pink store-fronts – but sweet, and there is a good cafe (not pictured):

(This is a cupcake shop, but my flatmate says the cupcakes are not so good because they are gluten etc-free.)

This is a pink pet store. I told you it’s twee.

Otherwise, though, there are more real things. Like this father and son team – the father was working, but the son was drawing pictures next to him. It’s a stealth photo because sometimes parents don’t like their children being photographed, and so it is blurry.

This is just a funny ATM…

And then we got to the vegetable stand:

And then later we went to Kilburn station so I’ll throw those pics in too:



  1. What is twee.. ? That’s something I’ve never heard!

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