Posted by: roamingolivia | November 12, 2010

Workspaces: I (I hope)

Yesterday my friend Ben said he wanted to see other people’s workspaces and desks, to have a kind of idea of where they work. I really really liked this idea, but I was working at home, so this is what it was like yesterday:

Not exactly typical. Also it’s kind of embarrassingly messy. But with a typical blogger’s instinct for a gimmick, I have now solicited pictures of workspaces from amongst my friends. The following are some examples, but I’d be really happy if more people sent them, so that I can have a Workspaces: II.

Here’s mine in London:

All others will be identified just by their cities (or in some cases countries or continents).

Frankfurt, Germany


La Jolla, California, USA




London, UK


London, UK


Houston, Texas, USA


Houston, Texas, USA


Austin, Texas, USA


Pristina, Kosovo


London, UK


See how fun that is? Even I was surprised by how much I enjoyed that. Send more!



  1. Is one of those pictures Daniel’s ?

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