Posted by: roamingolivia | November 19, 2010

Call for pics: Commuting

I enjoyed the workspace pictures so much that I would like to institute a regular feature, which is the Call for Pics. I can’t call it CFP or I’ll get a lot of grad students looking for places to send their theses, so I’ll leave it unabbreviated I think.

Anyway: I like this theme of daily routines, so I’d like to call for all of you to send pics of your daily (or semi-weekly or regualar) commute – whatever aspect you want. Your door. Your train. Your highway. Your bus. Your favorite tree you walk past. The cafe where you always buy your coffee. Let me know what it is, and/or your from/to points, or where you are. Whatever. Just send me some pics and a bit of clarifying info.

To start, I have this picture of slugging from my sister, who uses this ingenious transport method (Wikipedia claims this is also called “casual carpooling” but I have never heard that term) to get from Virginia to DC. Basically, you line up in a given place and strangers pick up 1-2 passengers (you need 3 people in a car to get into the HOV lane in that area), and then they drop you off at a set point (a parking lot at the Pentagon or a shopping mall or whatever).

So that’s a good start, but I’m excited to see others’. Feel free to send a door-to-door succession if you want. I’ll try to do the same

Due date: next Thursday (25 Nov), for posting on Friday.

How to send: Email me. If you don’t know my email and we’re not friends on Facebook, leave a comment here, and we can work something out…



  1. D’oh….just the week when I go away…

  2. I took pictures yesterday but didn’t have time to upload them – I promise to do them as soon as I get home tonight!

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