Posted by: roamingolivia | November 26, 2010

Eat this now: Xinjiang food in London (Silk Road, Camberwell)

Yesterday was Thanksgiving where a lot of my readers are – America – and it was Thanksgiving in my heart. But it was also a Thursday, and I have my brother and his girlfriend in town, so we went out to what is I think my favorite restaurant in London. It combines all my favorite things: amazingly tasty food (really amazing – I can confirm this), clean but still dive-ish atmosphere, and cheapness.

The name of this restaurant is Silk Road, and it is in Camberwell – very close to Camberwell Green. It is hard to see it – the first time I went a few months ago, we almost walked past it. But it is tasty, tasty food. It has been reviewed on blogs, in the Guardian, on Time Out, and elsewhere. So no one really needs me to publicise it more (you have to book now! the first time I went we sat in a kind of closet-type room).

But I like when things that are good and affordable do well – I like meritocracies, as it were, and this place is really exceptional. So I feel you all need to know about this place.

Last night, we ordered Medium Plate Chicken, a smaller version of Big Plate Chicken:

Then we also got shish kebabs – half meat and half chunks of fat on a stick – but I didn’t take a picture of that because it looked kind of gross. But it was delicious.

Then came the dumplings, which look like little ghosts in this picture but were also delicious – we got pork and celery.

Then there is the cabbage dish. We wanted to get the chili cabbage (can’t remember the real name but you can identify it because it’s the only thing in the menu with 4 chili peppers next to it), but the waitress said it has no taste – just chili. I kind of want that, but we decided to go wiht this dish, which is amazingly flavorful, and probably the best cabbage you will ever have:

And then came the lamb noodles, which I think is more or less the same as what is called lagman in Central Asia (there’s lots of Uighur food there), although this dish was bigger and on a plate, not in a little bowl. And the noodles were really long and hard to access:

And while you’re eating that, they also bring a different type of wider noodle to put in the soup leftoever from your Medium (Big) Plate Chicken, so you can keep eating even longer. And you will because the broth is so delicious.

And at the end, this is what you have:

And our total, including tip, for 3 people was: 47 pounds. Pretty good, considering we could barely walk later.


  1. It’s years since I went to Silk Road. Love the place.

  2. And I’ve had the megahot cabbage, and it’s not really worth it.

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