Posted by: roamingolivia | November 27, 2010

Live-blogging Thanksgiving

So, Thanksgiving in England is on Saturday because I can’t take time off work (but one year maybe I’ll do it – it sounds luxurious, to take a day off work to eat). And I am not really going to live-blog Thanksgiving but there’s some down time in the day now, so here’s more or less where we are:

Green beans for casserole


Kitchen chaos


Lots of peeling


Lots of groceries


Vegetables roasting


Green bean casserole (it’s since been cooked)


Raw turkey (goes into the oven soon)


I love Thanksgiving so much. I love it abroad – I think it’s a good expat holiday, celebrating food and being in a new place with new friends. Most of my friends here aren’t new, but they are lovely and nice, and you should see how much food we’ll have here later.

And to get in the mood, read this New Yorker article.

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