Posted by: roamingolivia | November 30, 2010

Commuting pics (a bit late)

The last week has been crazy, and also I forgot to take my camera to work for several days. Also very few of you guys sent me commuting pictures (boring). But here we are.

First, is Diboll, Texas:

I like the way that is really a lot of how I remember Texas. The source says: “Diboll is a little town about 10 miles south of Lufkin on US 59. I go through there early on Mondays on my way from Houston to Nacogdoches.”

And now Dublin, Ireland:

From the source: “The station is my DART train station – you can see the Poolbeg towers in the background, (red and white striped) that are near Dublin Port, and closer, the dilapitated diving towers from the Blackrock baths.”

“In the pic of the station sign and shelter, you can see Howth penninsula in the back, and the ferry that tells me how late I am to work. If it is still by the port, I am early. If it is near Howth, I am basically screwed.  Also, Irish people love Southern Comfort.”

And now, from me from London. This is the view from my front door:

Now, this is slightly atypical because it started snowing today but I thought this way I can combine snow pics with the actual post I have been meaning to do.

The rest of my photos are blurry, but I guess that’s more or less how I feel when I am commuting. There’s one of the bus stop and another of the Tube platform, and then finally outside the station at Charing Cross, where I come out into bustling traffic:

You can send me your pics if you remember!


Oh, PS: The Writer’s Almanac from today is great and perfect for London’s first snow. Also happy birthday to L.M. Montgomery AND Mark Twain. What a great birthday day.


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