Posted by: roamingolivia | December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving Extravaganza Pictures

I have started a kind of trend of having a huge Thanksgiving party/dinner on a Saturday (can’t take the day off work), as noted a week or so ago, when I “live-blogged” Thanksgiving preparations once and ceased the “live” part entirely. Anyway, here’s some more from the live-photographing sessions, which basically focuses on the obscene amount of food there was, but there are a few people in the pictures (my flatmate took the human pics but I haven’t seen them yet).

Here are some from relatively early on in the cooking process:

(sweet potato and green been casseroles, American traditions)

(roast vegetables)

(peeled and cut potatoes resting for eventually cooking, and pot of wine and orange juice and butter basting sauce)

(what it looked like when I opened the oven)

(our clean house before anyone came)

Now we move into the mad-rush-before-everyone-comes:

(turkeys finished early and were wrapped in lots of foil and a bath towel)

(my brother fixes the table after we found out the movers put it together wrong and we couldn’t put the extra leaf in)

(my flatmate Nili makes the salmon – we were concerned about not having enough food)

(Nili makes her Persian rice with berries – delicious)

(we start to populate the table)

(the salmon is done, beautiful)

Then people started to come, and bring food, and the pictures and sequencing and narrative gets a bit chaotic. Basically people (about 35-40 – not sure how many) came, and brought food, and the kitchen started to look like this:

(James, the guy facing the camera, brought delicious Trinidadian soup)

(Ben cut up his delicious pork)

(the table got fuller)

(… as did the dessert corner)

I think this is the table right before we ate (but the turkeys were off to the side):

(we ended up with 3 sweet potato dishes, rice, pork, salmon, 2 turkeys, 2 roast veg dishes, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy rolls, potato salad, broad bean and feta salad, Trinidadian soup, pasta bake and I think that’s it?)

(Brian carved the turkey. This is when we found out the bag of giblets were still in the turkeys, although I looked for them I promise… I guess no one will get sick from eating plastic-residued turkey meat once in their life…)

Then there’s a long gap for eating and talking in the pics, and then we started putting out the desserts:

We had brownies with icing, cookies, 2 pumpkin pies, sticky toffee pudding from Scotland, whoopie pies, chocolate tart, fruit salad… and probably more?

We had shoes…

… and coats in huge piles

And the drinks corner was doing alright as well, which included beer Simon had me (very good), and plenty of wine donations…

(Four people brought flowers, which were lovely!)

Here’s a taste of the wreckage, but it got worse:



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