Posted by: roamingolivia | December 10, 2010

Commuting II: Back to regularly scheduled programming

Well, I dropped the ball on this whole “send me pictures” thing… but so did you guys. But I have had 2 really good submissions on the now-ancient call for commuting pics, and I wanted to share them.

First, from Kosovo:

The commute starts here, on my street in Sunny Hill

… heading down the hill I cut through a school next to some beautiful brutal apartment blocks…

… past the garbage-bag-decorated tree …

… and finally down to the hulking behemoth that is my office building.


And here are pics from a friend in California, which makes me weirdly nostalgic for American highways (looking forward to those over holidays…):

… and from this parking lot you can see San Francisco:


Next week: Breakfasts. I tell you now so you can take a picture over the weekend of a nice breakfast, and then a picture in the week of a rushed-and-possibly-disgusting breakfast (I speak for myself).


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