Posted by: roamingolivia | December 13, 2010

Blood on the sidewalk

This is grim, but it is posted in a spirit of curiosity more than fear or dread or anything else. So don’t read this while you’re eating, or if you’re my parents, but don’t worry if I am okay…


Every couple weeks, I see droplets of blood on sidewalks. Not just in my neighborhood, although I have seen some there, but on the Strand in central London, or in nice areas, or in shopping areas, or in bad areas where I go for tasty food.

I can think of only one reason that there would be blood on the sidewalk, and it involves violence – probably stabbing? I wish it could be explained away with things that work in other countries I’ve been – like obtaining meat for a national holiday – although the sight is never pleasant. But even with the proliferation of halal butchers in my neighborhood, those droplets outside a doorway are probably not from lamb.

Does anyone have a more comforting explanation?



  1. Nosebleed? Maybe more in the UK than elsewhere because of cold + colds + nose-blowing + lots of dry central heating?

    Or maybe people are just stabbing each other to keep warm?

  2. Pigeons? There’s a lot of one-legged pigeons around that must cause a drop of blood or two. Unless there’s just one one-legged pigeon who gets around. A few years ago Russell Brand nearly instigated this craze but I don’t think it caught on. I’ll keep an eye out!

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