Posted by: roamingolivia | December 16, 2010


Well, good morning all. It’s not really morning anymore, but I’m about to leave for the airport and thought I’d post these great breakfast pictures I got.

First, I’ll start with myself. Most days, I eat a really unphotographable paste of yogurt and uncooked oatmeal. It is delicious, but it looks disgusting. I thought about posting a picture of it, but I took sympathy on you guys.

So one day this week, I got to meet my friends Erin and Cindi for breakfast. I love meeting friends for breakfast, but it is hard to organise regularly. This was my breakfast at Paul:

It was tasty. And here is their breakfasts:

My sister is traveling in Pakistan, so here’s an on-the-road breakfast from her:

(It’s not a really traditional breakfast I think.)

Here are some others I got. We’ll start with the first one I received, which is from Asheville, North Carolina: Fried chicken, (non-English) biscuits, red-eye gravy, and the inexplicable orchid.

Ah, breakfast in the South.

The sender, Jeff, explained: “I think it’s their take on the more traditional fried chicken and waffles”. My response was one of shock, as I didn’t realise fried chicken and waffles was a “traditional” dish.

Then there’s this from Josh: I don’t usually eat breakfast, but on the weekends Erica and I, and our beagle Duncan, walk to the coffee shop down the street.  She gets a cappuccino, I get an iced mocha, and Duncan sniffs around trying to lick crumbs off the ground while getting petted by the guys from the AA center next door.  It’s our weekly tradition.

And this series from Andreas in Kosovo:

First, the home breakfast: cereal, milk, mandarin orange…coffee (in this case Monmouth coffee that I’m rationing out)

Second, the work breakfast: fresh squeezed orange juice, croissant, and what looks not so appealing but is actually delicious coffee/makiato from the EULEX canteen (known only as ‘Credo’) Probably my favorite breakfast…with the ultimate added luxury that the staff will sometimes bring it to your desk directly.

And, last, what he calls a ‘local’ breakfast that I don’t actually like very much. Burek pastry, stuffed with cheese, served with yoghurt for dipping. Sounds a lot better than it tasted on this day, and made my hands and camera very greasy. Stuffed with meat or spinach would have been better.

And, last, from my friend Ben, breakfast al desko:

(FYI, having lived with Ben, I know he usually eats 2 poached eggs… or he did last year.)

Okay, next up guys – send me your travel pics, any aspect of the holiday travel process/ordeal (hopefully more process or “experience” than ordeal).



  1. That fried chicken thing makes me want to throw up, and I love all those things individually.

  2. I love this stuff.

    Is that the Tupalo Honey Cafe in Asheville?

    And I love burek and all it’s balkan/turkish (but reliably greasy) variations.

    I poached eggs pretty much every day for 18 months, so more of a hobby/obsession than fad, but I decided lately to have more time in bed. But I’ve passed on this essential lifeskill to kazakhs and arabs this year…

  3. It was partly my fault. I misunderstood the girl at the bakery and she gave me two burek with (not particularly good) cheese instead of one with meat. The sheer force and weight of two identical burek just knocked me out. Lumi Bakery produces far better cinnamon rolls and bread… but inexplicably there’s no coffee there to go with your cinnamon roll.

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