Posted by: roamingolivia | January 12, 2011

My Best-of lists for 2010: music

My friend Ben posted a list of his best music of 2010 already, but on Facebook so I can’t link to it. I find it really hard to think of what I was listening to in a given year – including the year that just ended, but it is actually a good endeavour so why not try?

(Ben also noted that Mumford & Sons has been way over-hyped/sufficiently discussed, but I did like them, so they stay on the list.)

To sum up this post: I had a really boring year in music, probably largely due to the fact I got almost all my music influences from Italian MTV and had limited internet access much of the year.

Favourite songs or albums (this is not a ranking – it is a random list):

1. Fanfarlo – Reservoir (thanks to my brother Stuart) (album)

2. Mumford & Sons -Sigh No More (album)

3. Cheese – Alors on Danse (thanks to European MTV) (song)

4. The Arcade Fire – The Suburbs (thanks to Stuart for making me really listen to it) (album)

5. Damien “Jr. Gong” Marley & Nas – As We Enter (song)

6. David Byrne & Fatboy Slim – Never So Big (thanks to one of several Song-of-the-Day podcasts) (song)

7. Ten Bears – Braces (I LOVE this song, also from podcast) (song)

8. The Mynabirds – Numbers Don’t Lie (ditto) (song)

9. Peggy Sue – Watchman (ditto) (song)

10. Matt Pond – Remains (song)

11. Jonsi – Go (at least I remember liking it a lot earlier this year) (album)

12. Balmorhea – Constellations (thanks to Brian) (album)

13. Broken Bells – The High Road (song – the album’s a bit repetitive but pretty fine)

14. Henry Mancini – The Pink Panther Theme Song (song) – ditto on Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme and Peter Gunn, which was what made me listen to it anyway (it’s mentioned repeatedly in Your Face Tomorrow)

(If I’m totally honest, there’s also a lot of Lady Gaga I heard and enjoyed, particularly in Italy, but this influence appears to have faded significantly since moving back to my normal life.)

And now here are some additional awards, like:

Album I wish I’d listed to more
The Roots – How I Got Over

Cool foreign music I haven’t listened to
Le Trio Joubran – A l’Ombre des Mots (Palestinian musicians and Darwish’s poetry)

Shout out to Jude
Rokstarr – Dirty Picture (feat Ke$ha)

Song that makes no sense lyrically but I like to run to
Timbaland – Carry Out (feat Justin Timberlake)

Classical music I started listening to after I saw it played live
Messiaen – Quartet for the End of Time

Sadly, I don’t think I really saw any live music this year (!) or anyway very little besides Messiaen, which I really enjoyed. Oh, I also saw Mahler’s Symphony No. 4. Both were good.

I want to do more live music this year. Basically all of these lists end with “I want to do more ___” this year.


  1. AN AWARD!!! oh my god!! I totally did not expect this. I’ve forgotton my list of people to thank…. kesha i suppose. and taio cruz. Hope they keep up the good work for 2011!


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