Posted by: roamingolivia | January 18, 2011

Starting a new job: the good and the bad

This is not really a blog about starting a new job, since I don’t blog about that. But I thought I’d note the fact that:

  • in between jobs, I’m changing to a new phone, and trying to transfer the old number to the new phone contract is proving more time-consuming and difficult than I was told in the shop (surprise!). So I haven’t had a normal phone situation for a few days. I don’t mind a lot, but I don’t like thinking that people think I’m ignoring them.
  • my new company has spelled my name as “Oliver” on my badge. The picture looks pretty fine, though.
  • also my badge doesn’t work to get into the building, as I am not in the system (I’m the only person at orientation that had this problem).


On a more positive note, I realised that all my work shirts were dirty (not sure how that happened). So I took 7 shirts to the cleaners yesterday to be washed and ironed. This is cheap – 10.50 – but leaving it to the last minute is not the best idea, perhaps. He said it would be done in 2 days. I begged the guy to just wash one and give it back to me in time for my first real day at work. He looked sceptical, but told me to check back today (night before first day), in case.

I did, and he smirked when I walked in. He said they’d finished all of mine because they did them separately. I gave him a big tip, and acted very, very grateful.


  1. I started a new job this week too. My staff card still doesn’t get me in the building (but fingers crossed for today) and my email isn’t working yet but I do have a desk and access to the internet so I’m content! Good luck!

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