Posted by: roamingolivia | February 11, 2011

Happy birthday Gorbachev

I don’t know if this post is cynical or not. Last night in the Tube, I saw a poster for Gorbachev’s 80th birthday. The website makes it look a little classier than would normally befit an advertisement in the Tube (see paragraph below for more thoughts on that). It made me wonder about the young Gorbachev, as weird a combination of words as that is. What about the young Communist apparatchik? What would he think of this 80th birthday party in London? Advertised in the Tube? After the destruction of this ideological system that produced him? Maybe he’d be happy. It just made me wonder about these directions lives take, and how we will never really know how previous selves would react, or which one is right. One likes to assume that the younger self is more passionate and therefore right, but perhaps the older, supposedly wiser and at least more tired and cautious one is. Shrug. Regardless, it’s still amusing that the former head of the USSR is advertising his party with huge banners in the London Underground, rather than with beautiful proletarian banners and socialist realist paintings, even if I realise it’s not really his party but his marketing people’s party balh blah blah.

In general I find advertisements in the Tube confusing. Most of the time they are advertising things that are crap or stupid: dating services, books you don’t want to read but are on sale at WH Smith, Russian-language magazines for wealthy Russians living abroad (note: that magazine – Snob – is actually not that bad), Fit Flops. I can’t think of all the stupid things I see advertised. But every once in a while, there’s an advert that is specifically relevant to my life. 2666 was advertised on the Tube for quite some time, as was one of the relatively recent Lil Wayne albums. So you never know, I guess.

I still don’t really want my birthday gala advertised on the Tube.

Note: I realise that I haven’t blogged in ages, but I have been living my transitional life, which I think is finally becoming my normal life, and I’m excited to have my brain back. I’m also excited to have time this weekend to stop and not be really busy. I think I’ll try to find a corner of the Barbican or South Bank to read. I also hope to write several blog posts and schedule them for next week. I particularly should talk about learning to make khachapuri, going to random Latin American clubs in Elephant & Castle, and eating lots of good food. Oh, and I have a book review to do. What a mess.


  1. My first thought was “Wow, Gorbachev is still alive? Or is this one of those posthumous birthday honor celebrations?” I am not very knowledgeable.

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